Common Support Reasons & Solutions

1) There is no internet connection available to send a message
Go to your Internet Browser to ensure you have an Internet connection
2) The user name and password for the message account is not valid
Your message account details are very important if you wish to send message using the ACT Mobile Messenger. There are many reasons why your User Name and Password may not work, but generally it is due to the following;

i) User Name is forgotten
ii) Password is forgotten
iii) Errors in entering User Name &/or Password
iv) The Message Account has expired

Whichever the case may be, it is unlikely that ACT Mobile Messenger support can assist you with this situation. You will either have to contact your message provider and get your account details from them, setup a new account with them, or find the safe place you kept your User Name & Password.
3) There are no message credits left on your message account
You will need to top-up your message credit with your message gateway provider
4) The Cell Phone or Mobile number you have used is not formatted correctly
act! caters for various International Phone Formats. However, we understand that not all users of act! format their phone numbers correctly and some have a mixture of formatted and unformatted phones in their act! Database. In developing the ACT Mobile Messenger, we took the approach of trying to repair the phone at message time, based on special rules and algorithms we have applied which are specific to each country. While we have produced a result, which has received praise from some of our message gateways, there will always be a situation of a phone number that was too poor in format to do anything with. Therefore, if for some reason the majority of your messages are getting through with some exceptions, please check if you are able to re-format the phone numbers for those records that are not sending. Also be sure to send us examples of those records so that we can improve the software or send them to your message gateway provider for further investigation.
5) The Cell Phone or Mobile number being used is wrong
If after all of the above a message is still not sending to the cell or phone number you have,
Please check that it is a valid number with the person who gave it to you or try directory assistance.
6) The message contains special characters not supported by your provider
Some message gateways may be very strict in how they want phone numbers to be formatted and also what characters you can use in message text. act! allows a lot of flexibility to include plus (+) signs and various brackets {([])}, whereas some message gateways want only numbers, and some with or without the international format including the plus (+) sign. I would recommend getting familiar with what your message gateway provider prefers, especially if you are having ongoing issues.
7) The message provider’s service (messaging gateway) is down for some reason
As with any Internet Service Provider including multinational companies they can have service outages to do with telecommunications links or servers being down. We have all experienced this if we have used the Internet for any length of time. If you are not able to send messages, and all of the above suggestions are not an issue, and you have a working Internet connection, it would be wise to contact your message gateway to see if they are having any service difficulties.
8) Software not installed correctly or user not logged on as an Administrator
There are a number of system library files, which are updated when installing the ACT Mobile Messenger, as well as important information to ensure you are able to register your software successfully. If you did not log on as administrator, on the machine where you installed your software, it is likely it will not perform correctly. It is recommended that you uninstall the software and install it again once you have logged onto the machine as an Administrator.
9) There may be a firewall restriction on your internet service
If the Internet Connection is working fine and you have configured everything properly. It may be that there is something blocking you from sending your messages to the Internet. Generally, the message gateway providers provide details of their message server, which are included in the ACT Mobile Messenger connectors. If your Internet connection is using a firewall, or your corporate network administrator has setup a proxy to filter Internet traffic, you may have to configure your firewall or proxy server to allow access to the message server of your message provider. In this case you will need your IT administrator, support person or contractor and also the appropriate information to configure your proxy settings, which we can provide.
10) Software is being used in a virtualized environment, or shared server
The ACT Mobile Messenger license conditions and registration model is based on a single user on a single machine. The registration process actually uses the unique Computer ID of the machine along with the user details to ensure that no other user can use the registration details on another machine. However, with the world of virtualized computing you can have many virtual machines existing on one (1) physical machine. This has been quite a challenge to our registration process, as we have had multiple users, from different companies, sending through a registration for the same Computer ID, which at first was a little confusing. However, our registration security worked and only a single user could register on this machine (server) before the other users got the message ‘Invalid License’. The problem was that these users had purchases legitimate licenses and were not able to use them.

We have since made changes to our registration process, and now more than one user can have their own registration even if they share the same machine as another user.